terça-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2011

Koreans in São Paulo - (KOMACON, APWINC, Creek & River Korea and TOPAZ Agency Inc.)

Today come to Brazil some korean comic professionals:

JANG MIN GWI (Corean Manhua Angency coordinator - KOMACON)
HYUN HYE RI (APWINC - East Pacific Woman Information Center Office)
KIM MIN CHEOL (Creek & River Korea)
(TOPAZ Agency Inc./CEO)

Their mission is to make contact with comic artists and publishers, and learn about Brazilian comic market. They intent to sell more korean comics (called Manhua) here and possibly publish some brazilian comics there, consolidating a stronger cultural relationship betwen those two contries.

There will be three days of visits and meetings. You can check out the schedule here.

In order to present my work to them, I'm re-posting some works now, so they (and you, off course) can see what was my comic production in the past few years.

So, let's go!


I was born in may 12, 1978. Since I can remember, I draw in school notebooks and wherever I can. In age 12, I met AKIRA, Otomo Katsuhiro Master Piece, and decided to take draw as my career.

I'm graduated at Chatolic University (PUC) in Social Comunication, bachelor degree. I've been teaching manga, drawing and animation since 1999. In 2008/2009, I teach in the Digital Comunication technical course at Paulista University (UNIP).

In 2008/2009 I worked as clean up an in-between artist at Disney's "The Princes and the Frog", contracted by HGN Productions, a Walt Disney Pictures' partner Studio in this movie (my name appears in the credits as Maurilio Duarte Nunes Augusto). In 2007, "Cagueta", a comic drawed by me and writen by Mario Macuso and Alberto Pessoa, was published at "FRONT Special #1 - 100 year Japanese Immigration to Brazil Celebration".

Recently I've been working to improve my skils and grow my career status no higher levels.

Now, some samples of my work:


Maurilio DNA - Official (illustrations and comics)
Lobster Man (comics, characters, illustrations)



Armandinho wotks with schemes and sneaching in 1940's São Paulo streets. Everything is fine until he cross paths with the local Yakuza. (in portuguese, sorry)


Extracted from a smal part of Budha Galtama's story, this comic shows how was his encounter with the feared swordsman Angulimala, the 1000 fingers garland killer. (english)


Smal comic witch based on a shot movie scripit, witch objective was to tell a story with light. Writen by Leonardo Saleh.

900, Paulista Avenue

In a violent city, a man
has his child held hostage while he's crossing the street in the trafic light, and must choose between his son's or a passer-by's life. Writen by Mario Mancuso, art by me and Luana Veiga. (portuguese)

Welcome to Brazil, and have a nice trip!